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Music garlic is quickly becoming a small grower’s favorite. And no wonder! High yields, consistent large bulbs, and good storage capacity are but a few of this variety’s strength.

Garlic is generally categorized into two kinds: softnecks and hardnecks. Music Garlic is a hardneck, Porcelain, to be exact. Unlike softnecks (that have clusters of smaller sliver-like cloves), only hardnecks consistently produce bulbils. Music Garlic has a single layer of bulbils, each around 2.5” to 3”. Wrapped within a light satiny white skin with a touch of pink, each garlic contains 4-7 bulbils.

This makes for an average yield of 1:5. The consistent production of Music Garlic was recently foregrounded by a respected study by Michigan State University. The much cited study shows Music Garlic as the top-production variety that outproduces all other varieties (13,500 pounds of yield for an acre of land).

Very cold tolerant, Music Garlic thrives in the colder winter months. In fact, conditions of cold actually promotes its vigour and quality. This strain tends to mature early. Compared to other varieties, Music Garlic is often found to be the first to sprout!

After harvest, Music Garlic can store up to 9 months to a year. A durable crop, Music Garlic does not usually break. It has a sweet lasting flavor that can be described as a pungent “medium hot”. Durable, flavorful, and easy to peel, this strain can do well at gourmet and farmstands, and can sell for baking, roasting, and other cooking needs.

Consistent and dependable, Music Garlic is a friendly garlic to growers and the public alike. Originating in Italy, it was discovered and brought to the Americas in the 1980s. Since then, this strain is enjoying a prosperous run across North America and has become one of the most popular newer varieties here.



Updated 2007-09